Gurner Head Office

  • Type Commercial
  • Client Gurner TM
  • Location Melbourne
  • Collaborators Gurner TM
    Edwina Glenn (Styling)
  • Construction 2020
  • Photography Sharyn Cairns
  • Design Powell & Glenn Pty Ltd (Interiors)

Straddling spaces within an existing GURNER TM development and a prominent art deco building, the design makes a virtue of the unconventional site by making a village of the disparate areas. Designed in concert with an adjacent wine bar, gym, and a staff retreat area - the office firmly focuses on cultivating a thriving work-life balance for employees as a reflection of the GURNER TM brand.

The main office is designed to reflect a serene home environment incorporating a fireplace, bar, lounge setting and gallery-lit artwork.

Diverse working spaces innovatively encourage mental wellbeing by allowing individuals to perform tasks in their preferred environment, with different zones accommodating sit-to-stand desks, lounge seating, collaborative working tables, and quiet focus task areas.

Instilled with a residential feel, whilst accommodating workplace practicalities, the design integrates wellbeing principles and provides a tangible connection to the natural elements of earth, wood, fire, water, and metal. Each element is represented through material application, access to natural light and vegetation, and strategic placement of anchoring objects within the space.

Designated retreat areas are also visually separate from the workspaces, affording true areas for respite.

The perimeter of the main workspace hosts elements to encourage mental wellbeing and a connection to life outside of the office, including planter boxes set along the length of the glazed wall, a media wall featuring a variety of artwork, and a fireside gathering space. All these elements work in conjunction with their proximity to the wine bar located adjacent to the design studio.

Advocating for a healthy working environment, the design sought to build a workspace that enhanced occupant wellness and encouraged cultural inclusion.