Bayside House

  • Type Residential
  • Client Private
  • Location Melbourne
  • Description A bayside compound
  • Construction 2005 | 2012
  • Photography Dianna Snape
  • Design Allan Powell
  • Architect Allan Powell & Ed Glenn

A house designed like a contoured shell on the beach, left behind on the water’s edge…

With its frontage overlooking Port Phillip Bay, the design’s elevated ground floor level erases the view of the roadway to engage with the Bay and its native dunes, framing the body of water and horizon beyond.

The Bayside project began with one building that sees two blocks on top of each other – a rustic timber box that faces east/west sits on a concrete block that faces north/south.

Seven years later, a compound with expansive interior courtyard, further buildings and garden areas are added. The result is a combination of highly resolved and engineered elements in glass and concrete that interplay with the intentionally raw – a tea-tree canopy, textured walls, spaces where the interior focuses on the exterior, where light casts its shadows throughout the day.