Yarra Garden House

  • Type Residential
  • Client Private
  • Location Melbourne
  • Collaborators Eckersley Garden Architecture
    Lowther Builders
  • Construction 2016-2017
  • Photography Sharyn Cairns
  • Design Powell & Glenn Pty Ltd
  • Architect Ed Glenn

Finding harmony within the raw and the refined of its inner urban setting, Yarra Garden House applies international inspiration within a local approach.

The design aims to evoke an enigmatic quality to the home in order to elevate each space. Unresolved components exist alongside polished elements – creating moments of beauty which sophisticates the architectural language. A notion of discovery remains as one moves through the building where rooms are defined by angled concrete walls created by the design’s subtle shift of space through linear forms.

Referencing the defining features of the gallery that spoke to the clients’ aesthetic – The Barnes Foundation of Philadelphia – Yarra Garden House echoes the larger building’s nuanced relationship between building and garden as the home’s interior and exterior spaces transition into a treed courtyard, and with its living spaces articulated by glass, stone, timber, and concrete.

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