Peninsula House

  • Type Residential
  • Client Private
  • Location Mornington
  • Description A house on the water
  • Collaborators Robert Boyle Landscape Design
    Lowther Construction
  • Construction 2013
  • Photography Sharyn Cairns
  • Design Powell & Glenn Pty Ltd
  • Architect Allan Powell & Ed Glenn

A white house on an exposed site is revived, then carefully grafted into the landscape

New spaces float between the bay horizon to the west, a courtyard to the east, a ‘floating’ wet edge pool to the north and a coastal jetty to the south.

Carved from white plaster and concrete, architectural additions extend the language of the existing white house (circa.1985) designed by Nic Boschler. The original facade is preserved, whilst the interior is gutted to make way for spaces that invite new relationships with the natural world on all four sides.

The design pays its respects to the exhilarating original waterfront façade of the building and brings infinite new perspectives for its inhabitants.

A quiet, protected internal courtyard bathes the house in light and allows the exposed coastal site full protection from south westerlies.