RMIT Bundoora

  • Type Commercial
  • Client RMIT
  • Location Melbourne
  • Construction 2013
  • Photography Tony Miller, Dianna Snape and Ella Deague
  • Design Allan Powell Pty Ltd
  • Architect Allan Powell & Ed Glenn

A new lecture theatre for 360 students, located at the eastern edge of the campus, is a response to the university’s request for an “iconic” form. 

We have attempted to create an enigmatic form, akin to a mountain range whose exact shape you can never fully appreciate, whose shape is always changing as you move around it.

The building acts as a series of layers as a method of unifying the functional requirements with the form.

The outer shell serves multiple purposes, creating for the university an iconic form while resolving issues of shading and entry and exit, hiding back-of-house function and providing circulation.  

“With RMIT Bundoora West Lecture Theatre, the request by RMIT for an “iconic” form has been handled by Allan Powell Architects with the maturity and restraint of an architectural practice that understands that interest is not always created by the object that flashes the brightest or screams the loudest; that indeed, genuinely iconic buildings are often the ones that look like they have a secret to tell.” RMIT Bundoora West, Brett Seakin, Architecture AU