Moonah House

  • Type Residential
  • Client Private
  • Location Mornington Peninsula
  • Collaborators Ian Barker Gardens
    Belair Builders
  • Construction 2018-2019
  • Photography Sharyn Cairns
  • Design Powell & Glenn Pty Ltd (Architecture), Watts Studio (Interiors)
  • Architect Ed Glenn

Located on a sloping site surrounded by banks of well-established Moonah Honey-myrtle trees, Moonah House takes a considered approach to its surrounding context, elevated by both natural and borrowed light.

The handsome stands of trees cast their influence over the flow of light throughout the day, informing the treatment of individual spaces and how the building is situated.

This family beach house, with its modernist aesthetic echoing 1960s houses along the Mornington Peninsula, brims with light and life. Rooms and the spaces that link them were determined by a requisite for a home that flowed well, no matter the season.

Powell & Glenn worked together with landscape architect Ian Barker, and interior designer Watts Studio, from inception to ensure a seamless relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces resulting in overall cohesiveness.

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