Hilltop House

  • Type Residential
  • Client Private
  • Location Melbourne
  • Description A walled encampment on a hill
  • Construction 2007
  • Photography Ella Deague
  • Design Allan Powell Pty Ltd
  • Architect Allan Powell & Ed Glenn

A walled encampment on a hill, where fires are lit, where art lives rather than is entombed, where light casts its shadows.

Sitting on a hilltop in Merricks, new muscular masonry and glass structures draw the garden seemingly into the living spaces, while offering views from the gently sloping hilltop to the surrounding landscape.

A Merchant Builders house is preserved and connected to new living and gallery spaces. The gallery space, where dozens can feast, connects the existing house to the new living spaces.

A curved concrete feature wall runs through interior and exterior of the building, bordering the old and new.

Every surface in every area of the design allows art to live and breathe yet allows an ethereal, uncluttered sense of light and clarity.