Domain Apartments

  • Type Commercial, Residential
  • Client Private
  • Location Melbourne
  • Description Multi-residential Development
  • Collaborators Jack Merlo
    Minicon Construction
  • Construction 2018 - 2021
  • Design Powell & Glenn Pty Ltd
  • Architect Ed Glenn
Facade of Domain Road property juxtaposing old and new

A hamlet of seven apartments sheltered from inner city life, borrowing stories of a hidden laneway, connecting to the botanic history of the area.

Four apartments are contained within an original Marcus Martin building, three new Garden Lane apartments complete the project.

A hidden laneway is activated after a century of limited pedestrian life, serving as the entrance to the apartments. A sculptural off-form concrete wall on the west edge leads into the broad gallery and garden entrance off Kernot Place.

The garden and gallery link the original apartments with the new. The design is alive to the challenges of finding ways to marry the requirements of contemporary living with the original character of the original Martin building.

This new hamlet activates Kernot Place, offering privacy, community and the joys of living in an urban sanctuary.